Google Cloud Platform
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Top 8 Services of Google Cloud Platform 


Google Cloud Platform is a provider of computing resources for launching and running web applications. The public cloud infrastructure is a part of Google Cloud, which also offers Google Workspace, commercial versions of Android and Chrome OS, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for machine learning and enterprise mapping services. 

What is Google Cloud Platform? 

Google offers several cloud computing services under the name Google Cloud Platform (GCP). A wide range of services, including computing, storage, networking, application development, big data, and others are available through this public cloud computing platform. The same internal cloud infrastructure that Google uses for its consumer products, including Google Search, Photos, Gmail, and YouTube, among others, powers these services. 

Google Cloud Platform Services

Google offers many services, each with a few unique aspects. Because of this, Google Cloud Platform is consistently growing all around the world. The Google Cloud Platform’s list of services is given below: 

  • Computer Services: It provides a scalable range of computing services are Compute Engine, Google App Engine, and Kubernetes Engine.  
  • Networking: Cloud Load Balancing, Content delivery network, Virtual Private Network these all are part of Google cloud platform services. 
  • Storage Services: It provides a variety of Storage services like Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, and Cloud Bigtable. 
  • Identity & Security: An essential element of identifying and security is cloud IAM and cloud data loss prevention API (application programming interfaces). 
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Provides IoT services including Cloud IoT Edge and Cloud IoT Core.  
  • Management Tools: Google Cloud Console App and Google Stack Driver services-related management tools. 
  • Big Data
    1)BigQuery: Enterprise data warehouse that is scalable and managed               
    2) Google Cloud Dataproc. : For distributed data processing, it mostly helps in managing Hadoop and Spark services
    3) Google Cloud Datastore: Google Cloud Datastore is a fully managed, schema-free, and non-relational datastore service. 
  • Cloud AI: Major Cloud AI services include Cloud AutoML and Cloud Machine Learning Engine. 


Google Cloud Platform is mostly a public cloud provider. Anyone can access it and use it according to their needs. Google offers additional cloud services that are not exactly a part of GCP. Microsoft Office 365 was on the market with G Suite, a set of productivity and teamwork software. GCP was one of the top three cloud service providers in a Research campaign that compared it to other cloud providers.