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Reducing data gravity pull
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How to reduce The Data Gravity Pull?

Introduction They say “what goes up must come down,” but this doesn’t apply to data gravity. Data gravity is what causes applications, data, and other information services to be “pulled&...

data warehousing
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Data Warehouse 101: A beginner’s guide

Introduction The term “data warehousing” was formulated by IBM researchers Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy in the late 1980s when they created the “business data warehouse”. Data warehousin...

Web 3.0 - world wide web
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Web 3.0: The Future Of the Web

Introduction Web 3 (World wide Web) technologies will vastly improve on web 2.0 technologies. Website design businesses that frequently deal with security, privacy, and server difficulties may find Web 3.0 to b...

Python - The basics every beginner should know
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Introduction to Python: A popular programming language

Introduction Python is a popular programming language created by Dutch Programmer Guido van Rossum in 1991. So yes, it manages memory via dynamic typing, reference counting, and a cycle-detecting garbage collec...

Secure cloud with Automation
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7 Steps to Building a Secure Cloud with Automation

Introduction  Security is a tricky game to get right, especially when you’re dealing with the cloud. With cloud resources, data and systems are spread out over multiple servers, which increases the number...

data fabric
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What everyone must know about Data Fabric

It is a fact that data assets are always generated in bulk, and users, therefore, need a broad set of data management to overcome the limitations of multi-vendor, multi-cloud, and data environments. Data Fabric...

what is ar and vr
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What is AR and VR?

Though AR and VR are the terms buzzing in the market for a long time now, then also it is necessary to have a clear view of what are these technologies. In this blog, we have discussed these technologies in lay...

Composable Architecture
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The Ultimate Guide To Composable Architecture

In today’s world, the fact that everything is changing is constant. With the changing technology and future demands, software enterprises take advantage of the composable architecture/applications to buil...

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Hyperautomation – Hip Or Hype?

An employee’s efficiency lowers if he/she must do the same work many times. To address this problem, we made machines that would take over repetitive tasks. So, automation is the use of machines instead of manu...

Privacy Enhancing Technology
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Privacy Enhancing Technology: Need of the hour

The amount of data operated and processed on the internet continues to increase, so does the concern of its users about their data. Most people worry about the usage of their personal information by companies. ...