Complexities of ERP - Navigating the Complexities of ERP: Exploring the Limitations, Opportunities, and Challenges
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ERP – Understanding the Limitations, Opportunities, and Challenges

Introduction  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Enterprise Applications are the new black, but not without their share of critics. For some, it is the enterprise application that forces their organization ...

outsourcing strategies
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How To Develop an Effective IT Outsourcing Strategy for Your Business 

Introduction The IT outsourcing industry has been growing in recent years, as businesses become increasingly dependent on their IT systems and invest in technology-related services. Smarter ways of doing busine...

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ERP: What is it? Definition, Components, Modules

Introduction   The ERP system was created to help organizations in storing, managing, and using data related to their ongoing operations. ERP keeps track of a variety of information, including payroll, raw mate...

Microsoft Teams
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Top 7 Reasons Makes Microsoft Teams Popular in 2022

Introduction A cloud-based team communication tool called Microsoft Teams is a component of the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 software apps. In November 2016, Microsoft Teams become available as a part of the Of...

(AWS) Amazon Web Services
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Everything you need to know about AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Introduction AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an Amazon company that offers governments, businesses, and people access to on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) on a meter...

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What is a Bitbucket?  Bitbucket is a source code management (BCM) tool that helps you manage your project’s source code. You can use it to collaborate with other developers, build and manage projects, monitor t...

Cyber security
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The Top Cyber security trends in 2022

Introduction Cyber security is a topic that is constantly evolving, but what do you know about the top trends in cyber security? From AI & ML to botnets and advanced persistent threats, these are the top tr...

Google Cloud Platform
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Top 8 Services of Google Cloud Platform 

Introduction Google Cloud Platform is a provider of computing resources for launching and running web applications. The public cloud infrastructure is a part of Google Cloud, which also offers Google Workspace,...

Material UI
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Material UI: The “Front-end Framework”

Introduction  Rapid prototyping, increased software development speed, and the development of UI fast are all goals of the Material-UI framework. It enables programmers to concentrate more on the logical levels...

Serverless Computing
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Serverless Computing: The New Cloud Technological Trend

Introduction Serverless computing is the next step in the evolution of cloud computing. It’s not even a new technology but rather a new way of using existing technologies. As such, serverless may be called “ser...