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Brand Awareness: An Overview of Creating an Identity

Introduction Awareness is a key measure of the level of brand recognition by consumers. An awareness model refers to the degree to which consumers can recall or recognize a brand under various circumstances. Br...

Cyber security
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The Top Cyber security trends in 2022

Introduction Cyber security is a topic that is constantly evolving, but what do you know about the top trends in cyber security? From AI & ML to botnets and advanced persistent threats, these are the top tr...

Google Cloud Platform
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Top 8 Services of Google Cloud Platform 

Introduction Google Cloud Platform is a provider of computing resources for launching and running web applications. The public cloud infrastructure is a part of Google Cloud, which also offers Google Workspace,...

Material UI
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Material UI: The “Front-end Framework”

Introduction  Rapid prototyping, increased software development speed, and the development of UI fast are all goals of the Material-UI framework. It enables programmers to concentrate more on the logical levels...

Serverless Computing
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Serverless Computing: The New Cloud Technological Trend

Introduction Serverless computing is the next step in the evolution of cloud computing. It’s not even a new technology but rather a new way of using existing technologies. As such, serverless may be called “ser...

data warehousing
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Data Warehouse 101: A beginner’s guide

Introduction The term “data warehousing” was formulated by IBM researchers Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy in the late 1980s when they created the “business data warehouse”. Data warehousin...