What is Cloud Team?

Cloud team simply means offshoring IT services. It connects you with a global pool of dedicated and qualified technical teams, irrespective of distance and international borders. You get the flexibility to hire onsite and offshore resources from any location at any time. Our cloud team, comprising highly skilled IT professionals, offers perfect solutions for your needs. They have diverse skills to deploy projects without disturbing the ongoing cycle. If you offshore IT services, you can save costs on infrastructure and recruitment.

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Why should you offshore IT services?

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    Get resources right away

    If any project requires expertise in a specific domain, then a dedicated cloud team of developers with relevant experience can help the company get desired resources on time. Thus, minimizing response time. 

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    Cost-efficient Model

    It is less expensive to offshore IT services than to hire in-house employees to work on a project.

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    Guaranteed success

    A complex project presents several difficulties. To address this, hiring a cloud team that is well versed in defining development methodologies can help. A dedicated cloud team minimizes the risk to zero.

Why us?

Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Goal-focused approach

    Our developers always focus on achieving the goal of the project assigned to them. They prioritize one project at a time to complete it without interruption to ensure the best results. We have a close client relationship, which helps to boost their websites and add value for them.

  • Pool of talented developers

    We believe a perfect development team can make or break your business idea. Therefore, we have a rigorous hiring process wherein we hire only the best developers who adhere to your needs in no time.

  • Improved development cycle

    Our cloud team is seasoned and experienced in handling all types of projects, be they simple, complex, or ongoing. They focus on completing the project and ensuring that the development process moves quickly.

  • Collaborative support model

    A work atmosphere where we are aware of the need for precise and timely communication. You may collaborate with our team without hindrance to our cloud team and get regular updates via a call, text message, or mail.

  • Get the load off your back

    Once you have decided to offshore IT services from us, there is no looking back. Managing and monitoring progress becomes our responsibility then. We ensure that your project is always on track. Our team of developers is known for maintaining transparency throughout the process.

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What we provide

Infraveo's Hiring Models

It doesn’t matter if you want to offshore IT services full-time, part-time, or on an hourly basis; we have the right team for your business needs.

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    Onsite Dedicated Team

    We offer onsite staffing services for clients and businesses abroad to fill gaps in the development cycle. Our presence can be temporary, frequent or full-time during the development life cycle.

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    Offsite Dedicated Team

    Hire your selected developers from us and kick-start your project in the fastest possible time from our development center. Have full control over the team with expert consultation via a cloud team.

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    Product Development Team

    This is nothing but expanding your own team with our vetted experts who offer support for your product to release it successfully through coordination of tech aspects and process flow.

Engagement Programme
How to onboard our dedicated cloud team?

Have a look at the process of offshoring our IT services.  Our modular hiring model always ensures you receive the right skillsets for your project.

1. Explain Expectations

Reach out to us with your requirements, and one of our experts will get back to you.

2. Plan’s Preparation

Here, we analyze and create a hiring plan on how our passionate cloud team can help to make your vision a reality.

3. Screen the Sources

Now is the moment to evaluate and screen developers based on their technical expertise, portfolio, and experience.

4. Interview Individuals

After screening, you can interview developers to check their personalities and attitude while working with your team.

5. Selecting and Onboarding

We ensure that the freshly hired developers easily integrate with the existing ones by coordinating with the onboarding process.

6. Rationale Reporting

Once the project has begun, our cloud team will keep you aware of the plan of action, progress, and other information, thus making it easier for you to evaluate their work.


Find answers and solutions to common IT issues

What does offshoring IT services mean?

To offshore IT services means recruiting a third-party supplier to conduct IT-enabled operations from an outside country. An offshore IT services provider usually provides the best talent at a much lower cost.

How to hire offshore developers?

The process of hiring offshore developers is simple. It involves:

  • Explain Expectations
  • Plan Preparation
  • Screen the sources
  • Interview Individuals
  • Shortlisting and Selecting
  • Rationale Reporting
  • Setup the strategy

How will I be able to manage an offshore development team?

Developers at Infraveo are easy to manage. Once you have established your offshore team, it is as easy to manage as your in-house development team who work from home

Where to look for hiring offshore developers?

Infraveo Technologies is best known for offering offshore IT services. We have a team of dedicated developers holding 25+ years of experience to give purpose to your ideas.

What are the benefits of hiring offshore developers?

If you hire offshore developers, your organization gets the industry’s best talent at a competitive cost. By offshoring developers, you can create a flexible team that can be modified to the changing market needs.

When should I hire offshore developers?

It might happen that your development team bandwidth has maxed out, and you do not want to miss out on an opportunity then it is highly recommended to offshore IT services. Offshore developers can begin the work immediately without causing delays.

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