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Cloud Computing: An era of Clouds!

It’s a term that rather swept up to the scene in recent years. It sounds like its some trending technology but its truth is just a nice packaging up of the whole numbers of technologies, which been with us some time, in fact, cloud computing in its simplest form can be thought is just outsourcing, hosting your application, physical servers, to someone else’s.

Netflix, for instance, leverages this potential of cloud computing to its advantage. Due to its on-demand streaming service, it faces large surges in server load at peak times. The move to migrate from in-house data centers to cloud allows the company to significantly expand its customer base without having to invest in setup and maintenance of costly infrastructure.
Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant – all are cloud-based natural-language intelligent bots. These chat-bots leverage the computing capabilities of the cloud to provide personalized context-relevant customer experiences. Most of the messaging and calling apps like Skype and WhatsApp are also based on cloud infrastructure. All your messages and information are stored on the service provider’s hardware rather than on your device.


  1. On-demand Self Services
    This allows users to quickly and automatically get access to the IT resources they want, without requiring any additional human action.
  2. Broad Network Access
    It is the capability to access servers from any standard device that connects into the network including PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones.
  3. Resource pooling
    Computer networking and storage are pooled and shared across multiple customers.
  4. Rapid elasticity
    This allows you to quickly scale or shrink the capabilities of your cloud to match the level of user demand.

The reason why this system is so popular is that it is beneficial for startups, midsize as well as large organizations. Startups can easily leverage cloud computing because of the number of benefits it provides.

Reasons why startups should consider cloud computing:

1. Ease of use
2. Minimal investment
3. Scalability
4. Choice
5. Undivided attention

Here at Infraveo Technologies, We provide Managed Cloud Computing Services and deeply integrate our services such as Web Apps, Custom Softwares and Mobile Apps to the Cloud as well.

Not only the services, but we also provide the consultancy to the New Ventures and the Startups who are actively-looking to move their or start their online-ware onto the Clouds, as for the new comers there are more than 200+ services which are provided by the Cloud providers, and can be a little complicated.

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