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Website vs Webpage – What’s the difference?


Website and Webpage are simple words, even if they are related. A website is made up of a wide range of web pages, whereas each individual web page is considered as a separate entity. A website can be visited using the HTML and DNS protocols, whereas web pages can be accessed via a browser. Web pages contain navigational links that can be used to link one web page to any other web page on a website. The website content changes according to the web page when the web page contains relevant information. There are two sorts of web pages: static and dynamic web pages. If a user modifies the information on a static web page, the modification will be reflected on the website. 

What is a webpage? 

A web page is a single page that makes up a website. With just one URL, and user may view any webpage they choose, copy it, and share it with others. Additionally, each webpage has a specific URL address that is used to generate or access that page. Both static and dynamic web pages are possible. 

What is a website? 

A website is a collection of web pages that are arranged under a domain and placed at a specific location on the internet. Static or dynamic web pages can be used to design the website. it content is available to anyone and is the same for all users. 

Difference Between Webpage and Website 

The following differences between a website and a webpage are mentioned below: 

Webpage Website 
It is a part of the website that provides data and information and makes an appearance on the user’s or visitor’s browser.  It is a group of web pages that are displayed online using a browser that looks like a client. 
Most information is written in HTML. It is a collection of HTML and CSS-coded webpages. 
A webpage can be created faster than a website. Website development takes longer than webpage development. 
On the browser, only one document is visible. Multiple information-containing web pages are included in it. 
Extension included in webpage URL In the URL of the website, there is no such extension. 
On the website, it is content that is presented. It is a place where content is displayed. 
Users can access information from them along with relevant images and videos. They are used to build the company’s trust as well as to improve customer perceptions, which in turn improves flexibility. 
It contains material or data pertaining to a specific subject. It contains information about several different entities. 
After the website structure is created, developing a webpage is quite simple and easy. The structure of the website and its programming are highly challenging and complex. 


A website serves as a secure database for all online content involving multiple file types. The web page, which drives and unites a website, is a component of it. Multiple web pages can share the same name if they are contained in multiple documents, but each website must have a unique URL. An independent component of a website, a webpage provides references to other webpages on the website. On the other hand, a website is a set of relevant and important web pages that are connected to a Uniform Resource Locator.