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Call-to-Action (CTA): What is it?

Introduction Call to action (CTA) is one of the most important terms in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is known as the ultimate goal of any online marketing campaign – you want to convert your visitors i...

optimize website speed
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How to Test and Optimize Your Website’s Speed

Introduction  You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating a website. You want it to be fast, but how do you know if it is? There are many tools out there that can help with this task. In this blog, I will sho...

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Web Design vs. Web Development: An Overview

Introduction Web design is the work of creating a visual appearance and planning for how your website will work. Its focus is on all the components (graphics, images, text, etc.) that go into giving your websit...

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JavaScript vs TypeScript in 2022?

Introduction A superset of JavaScript is Typescript, a programming language that makes it possible to create dynamic web pages. JS is the best choice for small projects, whereas Typescript provides a strong typ...

7 Reasons to boost website traffic
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Website Traffic: 7 Reasons to Boost Web Traffic

Introduction  A website is a collection of several web pages, and web pages are digital documents created using the HTML language (Hyper Text Markup Language). A website must be saved or hosted on a computer th...

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Cloud Hosting : Everything you need to know

Introduction Cloud Hosting combines the simplicity of servers with the power and steadiness of a virtual private server (VPS). Alternative hosting does not deploy solutions on a single server. The applications...

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Website vs Webpage – What’s the difference?

Introduction Website and Webpage are simple words, even if they are related. A website is made up of a wide range of web pages, whereas each individual web page is considered as a separate entity. A website can...