Reducing data gravity pull
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How to reduce The Data Gravity Pull?

Introduction They say “what goes up must come down,” but this doesn’t apply to data gravity. Data gravity is what causes applications, data, and other information services to be “pulled&...

Secure cloud with Automation
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7 Steps to Building a Secure Cloud with Automation

Introduction  Security is a tricky game to get right, especially when you’re dealing with the cloud. With cloud resources, data and systems are spread out over multiple servers, which increases the number...

Is Edge Computing the future of Cloud?
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Is Edge Computing the future of Cloud?

Introduction In exploring beyond the limits of traditional cloud-based networks, Edge Computing may be just what we need. Also known as fog computing, it is a new trend in the field of IT. We can say that it is...

data fabric
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What everyone must know about Data Fabric

It is a fact that data assets are always generated in bulk, and users, therefore, need a broad set of data management to overcome the limitations of multi-vendor, multi-cloud, and data environments. Data Fabric...

Privacy Enhancing Technology
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Privacy Enhancing Technology: Need of the hour

The amount of data operated and processed on the internet continues to increase, so does the concern of its users about their data. Most people worry about the usage of their personal information by companies. ...