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Visual Studio or VS Code – Choose The Best

Introduction Visual Studio enables the creation of software, websites, online applications, mobile applications, and web services. It creates and manages native code, VS or IDE uses Microsoft’s software d...

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Kafka -How To Get Started

Introduction  Kafka is an open-source software platform developed by LinkedIn to handle real-time data. Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that can process, as well as transmit, messages in real-time. Wh...

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MongoDB : Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction MongoDB is a document-oriented, cross-platform database that provides high performance, high availability, and simple scalability. It is utilizes the collection and document concepts. The software ...

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What Makes TypeScript Essentially Different?

Introduction  TypeScript is a strongly typed language, which means that the compiler checks that your code matches the types it expects. It also supports features like classes, interfaces, and generics on the f...

Kotlin - programming language
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Kotlin – An Underrated, But Highly Potent Programming Language for Android

Introduction Kotlin programming language was introduced in 2011 by JetBrains, the company responsible for creating Intellij IDEA, the most sophisticated Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment). JetBrains ...