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Visual Studio or VS Code – Choose The Best


Visual Studio enables the creation of software, websites, online applications, mobile applications, and web services. It creates and manages native code, VS or IDE uses Microsoft’s software development platform, which includes Windows API (Application Programming Interface),Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms, Microsoft Silverlight, and Windows Store. While VS Code allows users to develop, modify, and debug code all in one location. A developer does not need web support for many of the programming languages that VS Code supports. Its built-in multi-language support contains everything.

What is Visual Studio? 

Microsoft Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is used to build many kinds of software, including computer programs, websites, online applications, web services, and mobile applications. Compilers, completion tools, and other features are included to make the software development process easier.

Features include: 

  • Build Environment and Output 
  • Project Explorer 
  • Debugging Tools and Break Points 
  • Test Development Integrations 
  • Azure Cloud integrations 
  • Project Builder for C# and .NET application  

What is Visual Studio (VS) Code? 

An open-source code editor called Visual Studio (VS) Code is used to fix coding problems in cloud and online applications. Microsoft created VS Code, which is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows. Any written code may be improved in functionality with VS Code’s tools. 

Features include: 

  • Cross-stack development using an open technology platform 
  • Debug Tools for Generic usage 
  • Cross Platform installation 
  • Availability of both professionally and communally developed plugins 


The following are the major differences between Visual Studio and Visual Studio (VS) Code:

Visual Studio 

Visual Studio (VS) Code 

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), such as VS, are used for programming. A code editor is called VS Code. The code of a developer is simple to edit. 
The size of the download is considerable. VS Code is mostly light weight in comparison to Visual Studio. It does not require a big or hard download. 
In terms of performance on various platforms, VS is less responsive. The rate of processing is slower. It is quicker to use VS Code. 
VS requires more space to work better and smoother. Comparatively, VS Code does not require much storage space to function. On 300 MBs of RAM, it can easily function. 
It’s only runs on macOS and Windows. VS Code can run on macOS, Windows as well as Linux. 
VS engages the best and the most advanced IntelliSense. In comparison, VS Code’s IntelliSense falls short of expectations. 


Virtual Studio is capable of anything that VS code is capable of. VS Code is only an editor, but VS includes everything users talked about together with the editor. But most of the time, everything is sufficient. An IDE is what VS Code, and its extensions are. In the battle between VS and VS Code, the fact that VS Code provides outstanding support, is cross-platform compatible, lightweight, and sturdy is the main factor that makes it appear better in terms of usability. It can perform all tasks in one place.