VoYger Telematic’s is generally based on GPS tracking solutions combined with our powerful yet intuitive Apps and Web platforms ensure everybody can benefit.

Always monitor your vehicle movements like vehicle position, vehicle state, velocity, fuel in tank, ignition status so vehicle owner can see live status on his device, and they can benefit from features they never thought they would see in their car, bike or commercial vehicle and business owners can improve the efficiency of countless elements of their company with powerful fleet tracking solutions and team tracking.

Client : VoYger Telematics
Industry : AutoMobile Industry
Services : Android Application, Web Development, Cloud VPS, IOT
Link: voygertelematics.com


The people at Voyger telematic’s had a different idea about how to use GPS with the help of an IOT based system that was used to locate a single device. So they want us to provide a solution for that technique to be used on more than one device.

They want a portal for the users where they can get live information about their vehicles so they have control over the situation. They also want to store all the current and past information about the vehicles so that the owners can check the vehicle status anytime and anywhere.


We provided them with consultancy and a server where they could use their software for multiple devices. The SaaS software we created for them, they are now able to connect all their devices and also know the details about them on their dashboard.

We also provide them with GeoFencing software. In simple words let us say that we put up a fence around a flock of sheep’s so that they don’t run away. GeoFencing is the same as a fence but with some additional features. Here the sheep’s are the devices that are connected with their software. As soon as someone crosses the limit, the Admin will be notified right away. Using this they are also able to limit speed, area, etc.

We also created a portal so that multiple users could use this feature and thus helping them with their business.