Pranidha is a Job searching portal, especially for Dentists. They will search for a job which matches the qualification and requirements of a user.

Also, the application form of the Job is filled by the website itself instead of the users, so that they can focus on the further process of Interview.
After submitting the form, users will be notified about the job details.

Client : Pranidha
Industry : Job Industry
Services : IT Consultancy, Web Development, Cloud Hosting
Link: pranidha.com


Now you may have a question if everything was already set up then what did you do? And that is a question that one must ask.

The filtering of jobs for the users is by the people at pranidha. So when they add a new job or new users, they have to go through all the job list to filter the match for the users. But for the people at pranidha, it was tiresome to go through details of each registered customer and go through their profiles of users and notify them.


In the above paragraph, you understood that the people registered with them will be notified about the applied jobs.

So Infraveo built a portal by modifying their software and making it robust. Now when they put a job on their portal the system goes through all the profiles on its own and gives them the results on who are the people that are qualified for the job and then directly send their resumes to the job giver.

We also helped them with their cloud service using our venture Infraveo Cloud.