PackBagBuddy is a Travel Agency which provides services like transportation, food, accommodation, events, etc for the travelers so that customer can enjoy their vacations. They provide a variety of Tour Destinations to travelers so that customers can choose one of them. All the tours are available at the lowest price.

Client : PackBagBuddy
Industry : Traveling Industry
Services : IT Consultancy, Web Development, Cloud Hosting
Link: PackBagBuddy.com


Tourism is one of the fastest-growing economic sectors, although it is highly sensitive to both actual and perceived risk, this Industry has experienced uninterrupted and sustained growth in the past few decades.

For the Traveler, it’s easier now than ever before to book trips online with more choices and more booking Platforms, but although there are plenty of online Travel Agencies to choose from, specialized and personalized services that provide unique customer experiences aren’t always offered.

As a result, offering an enhanced travel experience has become a necessity for Tour operators.


Their Target was creating an online Travel Agency that could set in itself a number of vendors. To understand it simply remember what Google does for you when you search for a product; it gives you number of options, The same is the case for PackBagBuddy we made them Google for Travel related things.

In addition to that, we also Provided them billing software, Admin Panels for the people at PackBagBuddy and also vendor portals for vendors to know about their sales.