AerPay is an online wallet system where your money is stored and used for online payments and you can easily transfer your funds to your account.

AerPay also helps you and your customers with anything, from setting up your business account to seller protection and queries with transactions.

Client : AerPay
Industry : Digital Payment Industry
Services : IT Consultancy, Web Development, Cloud Hosting
Link: AerPay.co


Accept payments from customers in unlimited currencies or cryptocurrencies and build markets without the hassle of accepting foreign cards.

You can Pay in a snap with the elegant and easy interface which gives you an outstanding experience.


Aerpay wanted to create its own wallet system. Now understanding the wallet system is simple – an online wallet where we store money and use it for online payments. We also set up their payment gateways.

It was just a simple example of how the system works so you get the idea that your money remains safe and you won’t be a target of the frauds happening online.