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WordPress Tags: Good for SEO?


The tagging functionality in WordPress is one of the most impressive and useful tools that you can use to organize your content. In fact, it is one of the most important aspects of WordPress themes because it helps in optimizing your site for search engines. Tagging on WordPress is a crucial component of SEO. While not required, it improves traffic and search visibility. For this reason, if you are just starting with WordPress and are not sure how tagging works, there is a simple way to understand it: by using WordPress tagging plugin. The plugin allows you to tag your articles or posts with keywords or phrases. It helps organize the content in its proper order which increases the chances of getting higher rankings on search engines. 

What are WordPress Tags? 

WordPress Tags are a group of details you may use in your post to categorize and better identify it. Each posting contains tags, which visitors may click to identify entries that have the same tag. When you correctly use a tag, it not only makes it easier for visitors to access material, but it also helps in search engine optimization. 

How to use WordPress Tags?

WordPress tags are simple to use, just like this basic step.

  • Click “Posts” and then “Add New” on your WordPress admin panel.


  • Then, look for the “Tags” box on the right sidebar.


  • Enter any suitable tags in here, comma between each one.

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Finding a good tag strategy is important for your WordPress site. It is not just about choosing the right words but also structuring them correctly to make your posts find new readers more quickly. That is why it can be helpful to use WordPress’ Tag Suggestions function.

If you are not sure which tags to use for your posts, WordPress has a feature that will recommend some of the most popular tags on your site. Even if none of these tags apply to your content, they could provide ideas for improving your tag strategy.

4 Tips for a Strong Tags Strategy

  • Always be sure that the tags you use are relevant to the content you are tagging. 
  • One-word tags generally lack specificity and are not as helpful to readers. The length of your tags should be no more than two or three words. 
  • Tags that are used on your site but are only mentioned in one or two sites should be removed since they are not important enough for your website. 
  • Make careful to properly capitalize or lowercase each of your tags when naming them. 

WordPress Tags: Good for SEO?

By using the right WordPress categories, tags, and other related functionalities you can easily improve your page views and even gain more visitors, both of which will boost your SEO ranking and help you improve your WordPress website’s search engine results page (SERP) ranking. A website can rank in the search engines with or without tags. Tags, the other side, can influence other website factors influence rankings, like the site visitor, which can improve SEO performance.


WordPress offers many ways to organize your website content. One of the most popular is tagging, which helps you keep track of content as you work with it. The tags on a WordPress site appear immediately under certain words that match certain criteria. WordPress categories and tags are important for effectively arranging the content on your website. They may boost your page views, help you rank higher on Google and other top search engines, and provide your potential website visitors with a wonderful experience.