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What is Jira? An Issue Tracking Platform


Jira is the only issue tracking tool created by Atlassian that enables agile project management and bug tracking. The term “Gojira,” which is Japanese for “Godzilla,” has two syllables, and this is where the product’s name derives from. The name of the text was taken from a developer shorthand used by Atlassian to refer to Bugzilla, that was previously used internally for bug tracking. Over 180,000 users in 190 nations, according to Atlassian, use Jira for problem tracking and project management. Some organizations that have used Jira for bug tracking and project management in the earlier decade 

What is Jira? 

JIRA is a project management tool. JIRA, created by Atlassian, supports agile project management and issue tracking. The Apache Software Foundation, Fedora Commons, and Hibernate are among organizations that have adopted Jira for bug tracking and project management. 

Feature highlights for all Jira users

1.Project roadmap:

The JIRA application helps you create a project timeline, a list of the numerous tasks to complete the project, and both short- and long-term goals.

2. Detailed Reporting:  

JIRA tool provides users with thorough reporting on each workflow and each task that has been completed in the program. The reports are highly thorough and include every aspect of the task. The JIRA system software functions as one may expect from a typical project management tool, including reports of the completed tasks, conclusion states, tracking period, and the time necessary for each activity. 

3.Time Tracking:

The time tracking function is part of the JIRA tool. The Bug tracking tool helps users in keeping track of how long it takes them to complete each task assigned in the process. The team members may use this to track their own work and get an approximate idea of how long it will take to finish the entire project using The Bug tracking tool .

4. Mobile application:  

Even the mobile application feature of the JIRA tool is available to users; it features a user-friendly interface and allows mobile working. This specific feature also enables the user to monitor the project’s status from a distance and find the due dates for each task. 

Top 6 Reasons to use Jira

1) Plan, Track, and Work More Quickly:

It is a bug-tracking program that is primarily used to keep track of, arrange in priority order, and prioritize problems, newly added features, and enhancements for certain software versions. Issues are the subset of projects, and there are many different forms of issues, including bugs, new features, improvements, and documentation tasks.

2) The Major Information Sources:

The main informational source for the next software release is JIRA. The Technical Team will use JIRA to do features that will be introduced in the upcoming release. They will also use JIRA to resolve issues. It also helps in the technical documentation authoring process for the QA team. The QA team may monitor the status of each new feature introduced by the software developers using JIRA, and based on that information, they can plan how to document for the upcoming version.

3) Keep track of Company Documentation:

It is a helpful tool for keeping track of company documentation. Pie chart macro is a key feature offered by the JIRA application. Users may examine tasks like Open tasks, closed tasks, and Resolved tasks in the pie chart macro.

4) Organize the documentation responsibilities:

Use the Bug tracking tool to set up the responsibilities for documentation. Using the part feature, users may bundle together different duties, as well as even make their own documentation. This results in a systematic process to documenting.

5) Calculate Time Spent on Documentation:

The Bug tracking tool does not allow for the analysis of documentation time by default. Tempo Timesheets, which calculate how much time has been spent on the documentation, are included with the JIRA software.

6) faster feedback:

You may use the Confluence pages that the Bug tracking tool provides to link to the issues with only a few mouse clicks. Users may create the problems straight from the Confluence page if something needs to be updated.


Every company or organization today finds use for Bug tracking software solution. The project management software is currently being done correctly by the people using it. Its Bug tracking platform also offers cloud services to businesses, saving them money on additional cloud services.