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Website Redesign: New Ways to Increase Traffic


Every organization owns a website. It happens that you need to redesign your website once in a while. The majority of internet promotions increase awareness or help promote action direct visitors to that website. A website will regularly be potential consumers’ or partners’ first attention to your brand in the current modern age. Here they will decide whether it is worthwhile to invest time, money, or effort into something that feels outdated. Because of this, it is more useful than ever to keep your website fresh and up-to-date, and to verify that you are creating the right impression.

What is Website Redesign?

Redesign a website is a process that is designed to enhance the user experience of a website, mostly through re-evaluating the existing navigation, layouts, content, and technological stack. Conversion rate improvement, technical flexibility, and ensuring that your site is completely responsive across all devices, screen sizes, browsers, and operating systems should all be priorities during your redesign.

Major Keys Factors for Website Redesign  

  • When redesign your website, one of the first things you do is set out your business goals. For example, what does your company require from your website? 
  • The most important thing in website redesign is analytics and conversion data, such as What information do we have to know our users better? 
  • if You need to consider how to attract visitors to your website while redesigning it. You also want a traffic acquisition strategy to grow your website. 
  • You are improving content, user flows, and experience quality. How about your content strategy, though? Consider your entire online presence and update both your content & website to establish, consistent, and cutting-edge digital force.
  • Ensure that the content on your website relates to what people are looking for and what they can discover there. 
  • Website Redesign is an older website using an outdated set of technological frameworks that will always operate more slowly than a website using modern tools and will suffer as a result in search engine results. – for example, how will you ensure that your website is fast and compliant with modern online standards?

Benefits of Website Redesign  

 1) Strong Search Engine Rankings:

Website redesigns are a perfect opportunity to add relevant keywords to improve search engine rankings, just as when you review your brand identity. Make sure the information on your website relates to what visitors are looking for and what they can discover there.

 2) Increased User Experience:

A website will be more beneficial to your visitors if you optimize it as much as possible by making it simple and effective for your target audience to utilize. To maintain your website’s visual appeal and usability, it really is needed to always explore for improvements.

3) Increased Social Sharing:

It is now simpler than ever for website visitors to like, tweet, and pin your company by offering something worth sharing together with a convenient means for doing so. In the end, greater social sharing will enhance sales and generate leads. 

4) Faster load Times:

Since most clients will not have to wait as long for your website to load due to all that speed, both their satisfaction and your Google reputation will increase. An older website using outdated programming frameworks will always operate more slowly than a website using advanced tools, and it will continue to experience in rankings on search engines as a result.

 5) Fresh Content Strategy:

You’re increasing content, user flows, and experience quality. How about your content strategy, though? To build a united, systematic, and cutting-edge digital powerhouse, consider your whole online presence and update both your website and your content strategy at the same time. Improved website traffic is strongly dependent on fresh content strategy.

6) Available with all displays:  

Organizations must consider all displays when updating their websites as mobile usage continues to grow. This flexibility and access are made possible across all screen resolutions via responsive web design. Having a similar appearance across desktop, tablet, & mobile platforms without needing a separate website is helpful for any brand.


A website redesign is an asset you should keep up to help the growth and to attract a lot of new clients. We can help you if you want to redesign your current website to create the next great one. We at Infraveo, provide businesses with a multitude of services including custom software development, website/webapp development, cloud services, and technologies that may help you operate more effectively by providing you the quality service, support, and growth that you deserve. For further details click here