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Web Design vs. Web Development: An Overview


Web design is the work of creating a visual appearance and planning for how your website will work. Its focus is on all the components (graphics, images, text, etc.) that go into giving your website a look and feel, as well as user interactions like links and buttons. Development is the creation of websites from concept to launch. It is a process that involves HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript (and other languages), databases, and server operation. However, a website must be both technically good and well-designed from a visual perspective to be useful. Users should find a website to be both visually appealing and simple to use. In this situation, both web designers and web developers are playing a significant role in creating the ideal website. In this Blog we provide difference between web design vs web development. Differences are listed below:

What is Web Design?

The creation of websites, web pages, and other interface components with a graphical user interface is known as web design. It includes a wide range of activities, including typography, layout, and graphic design. Information architecture techniques, website development, visual design, and website layout are also included to increase usability. When creating appealing websites, web designers work with visual elements like font and animation effects.

What is Web Development? 

It is the process of creating websites through coding. It refers to a process that entails the creation of websites and associated services, both on the front-end (client side) and back-end (server side).

Web Design Vs Development

 Differences are listed below:

Web Design  

Web Development  

It is referring to the process of creating websites, web pages, and other UI elements using a graphical user interface. It is the process of helping develop websites through coding. 
The focus of design is on the appearance and overall feel of websites. The focus of development is on the helpfulness and interior activities of websites. 
It covers page setting, choosing images, color combination, and fonts, as well as graphic design and interface design. Database management, server-side programming, etc. are all included. 
It is an artistic function It is a technical function 
They work with applications like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch, and other similar ones. They use text editors, integrated development environments (IDEs), local servers, several browsers, FTP, and other developer-specific tools. 
The appearance of a website is a big part of what designers do, even if they may have some expertise of coding languages like HTML and CSS. The main functionality of a website will be developed using many programming languages, including HTML, PHP, and Java. 


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