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The Financial Management System by Infraveo Technologies


When it comes to managing your money, you need a financial management system. An FMS is the strategies and software an organization uses to control and administer its revenue, expenditures, and assets to maximize profits and ensure long-term viability. An effective FMS boosts short- and long-term business performance by organizing invoicing and bill collection, reducing accounting errors, minimizing record-keeping redundancy, ensuring tax, and accounting compliance, assisting personnel with budget planning, and providing flexibility and expandability to accommodate change and growth.

What is a Financial Management System?

A financial management system handles all financial transactions inside a business and keeps track of money as it flows in and out. It is software that enables a company to examine and manage its income, costs, or assets in terms of profit and ensure long-term viability.

Why It’s important in business?

An FMS helps you in managing expenses such as taxes and employee benefits. Also, it does a cash flow analysis to make sure you have enough cash to pay basic bills goods. The method can assist your company in being proactive rather than reactive. It makes it simple to assess your profit margins and determine how to price items or services. It allows you to keep track of all expenditures and keep them as low as possible. You can make educated judgments and strategic plans if you have a FMS in place. By outlining key financial issues that are being discussed internally, it may help a business become more profitable.

The finance industry sectors we served include

  • Invoice Generation

    When generating invoices, you may choose between discount and tax rates, as well as the default tax type for that product. If you choose to generate a discount rate for your invoice, we will calculate the rate based on the item’s price and any discounts that are available in your account. The discount rate can be set from 0% to 100%. The tax rate is used by our system to calculate sales tax on invoices. It defaults to zero, but you can override this value if necessary.

  • Inventory Handling:

    It is easier to keep track of and manage items in stock, and the system will automatically produce an email alert when stock runs low. This gives you the ability to order new stock from our suppliers at any time.

  • Supplier Management:

    We associated the inventory manager with an intelligent system that generates stock requirements and sends them to the supplier. This way, when a customer orders, the supplier receives a notification from our intelligent system that generates the stock requirements.

  • Data & Report Monitoring:

    This software will constantly review company data, account statements, revenue, costs, sales, purchases, and tax statements. All the information will be displayed on the dashboard in real time. The software can also alert you when there is something wrong with your financial records and provide you with detailed reports, so you know what needs to be done.

  • Quotation Generation:

    Quotation Generation is the process of automatically generating quotations. It is used when you have many quotes to generate and the information you need is not available from your customer or supplier. Quotation Generation can be done manually, but it is much faster and more efficient to use an automated quotation generation tool. We provide you access to a tool for creating quotes with a proposal, which you can then turn into invoices.

  • Monitor Purchase Orders:

    We integrated inventory manager into a system that would track stock & create buy receipts based on the inventory need. This will help us to know the exact quantity of products in stock, so that we can order more when required.  


A strong financial mgt. system can boost a company’s performance by increasing revenue through better mgt of expenses. It also helps organizations manage their cash flows to remain solvent while they grow. Do you need to boost financial activities with a new software system? We, at Infraveo Technologies, assist in providing the necessary tools for success by providing a wide range of services. Our financial mgt. information system collects financial data and then analyzes it to help you make better business decisions. For more information, please click here.