Google Maps API
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Google Maps API – For Developers

Introduction  The Google Maps API allows developers to integrate Google Maps into their applications. The APIs are used to display maps and enable users to see information about places, such as businesses and r...

JS vs TS Blog Image
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JavaScript vs TypeScript in 2022?

Introduction A superset of JavaScript is Typescript, a programming language that makes it possible to create dynamic web pages. JS is the best choice for small projects, whereas Typescript provides a strong typ...

Backend Tools Blog Imagae
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Backend Development Tools for Web Developers in 2022

Introduction Backend development and Front-end development are the two primary forms of web development. A programmer is responsible for creating the server-side code of a web application. He/She oversees creat...

TypeScript Blog
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What Makes TypeScript Essentially Different?

Introduction  TypeScript is a strongly typed language, which means that the compiler checks that your code matches the types it expects. It also supports features like classes, interfaces, and generics on the f...

node.js blog
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Why Node.js Is Great for Web Development? 

Introduction Node.js is a back-end JavaScript runtime environment that is open-source, cross-platform, and uses the V8 engine to execute JavaScript code outside of a web browser. It was created to help create s...

Flutter - Material design UI toolkit blog
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Google’s Flutter: Attempting to Make Mobile App Development Easier 

Introduction  Flutter is a free and open-source UI software development kit introduced by Google. The Flutter SDK provides high-performance, native experiences on iOS and Android in record time. The platform en...

Kotlin - programming language
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Kotlin – An Underrated, But Highly Potent Programming Language for Android

Introduction Kotlin programming language was introduced in 2011 by JetBrains, the company responsible for creating Intellij IDEA, the most sophisticated Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment). JetBrains ...

Material UI
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Material UI: The “Front-end Framework”

Introduction  Rapid prototyping, increased software development speed, and the development of UI fast are all goals of the Material-UI framework. It enables programmers to concentrate more on the logical levels...

Serverless Computing
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Serverless Computing: The New Cloud Technological Trend

Introduction Serverless computing is the next step in the evolution of cloud computing. It’s not even a new technology but rather a new way of using existing technologies. As such, serverless may be called “ser...