Causes of failure in Chatbot and VCAs and how can we understand them?
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What factors contribute to the failure of Chatbot and Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA)?

Introduction   So why do chatbots and VCAs fail? There are many factors to consider when implementing a bot or VCA, such as the complexity of your solution and development resources, and user experience. While ...

Secure cloud with Automation
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7 Steps to Building a Secure Cloud with Automation

Introduction  Security is a tricky game to get right, especially when you’re dealing with the cloud. With cloud resources, data and systems are spread out over multiple servers, which increases the number...

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Hyperautomation – Hip Or Hype?

An employee’s efficiency lowers if he/she must do the same work many times. To address this problem, we made machines that would take over repetitive tasks. So, automation is the use of machines instead of manu...