How to build a Chatbot?
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How To Build a Robust Chatbot for Your Company?

Introduction  A chatbot is a software program designed to simulate conversations with human users. Chatbots are used in customer service and many other industries and can perform tasks that are too complex for ...

Google Maps API
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Google Maps API – For Developers

Introduction  The Google Maps API allows developers to integrate Google Maps into their applications. The APIs are used to display maps and enable users to see information about places, such as businesses and r...

JS vs TS Blog Image
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JavaScript vs TypeScript in 2022?

Introduction A superset of JavaScript is Typescript, a programming language that makes it possible to create dynamic web pages. JS is the best choice for small projects, whereas Typescript provides a strong typ...

VS vs VS Code Blog Image
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Visual Studio or VS Code – Choose The Best

Introduction Visual Studio enables the creation of software, websites, online applications, mobile applications, and web services. It creates and manages native code, VS or IDE uses Microsoft’s software d...

API vs web services : What's the difference?
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API vs Web Service: What is the significant difference?

Introduction In terms of web communication functionalities, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and web services are similar but vastly different. However, the terms API and web services are frequently us...