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SharePoint : A Complete and Accurate Guide


Microsoft SharePoint was introduced in 2001 and is a Web-based collaborative platform. It is a product of the tech giant Microsoft. SharePoint is primarily manages web application development and content management by offering strong capabilities like content organization, facilitating collaboration, and managing information in a systematic way. It is available from anywhere on the globe using a browser and the internet, and Microsoft SharePoint is easily flexible and widely used by organizations. The platform’s many benefits make it easier for users to collaborate with one project and create standardized corporate processes for data recording, document publishing, and information sharing.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration system that enables corporate teams to work together by utilizing workflow applications, “list” databases, other web elements, and security features. It also enables the organization to use the platform to manage information access and streamline workflows between business units.

What are the benefits of using SharePoint?

Following are the benefits of using SharePoint:

1) Simple Sharing and Easy collaboration:


Every project team, department, and division may create a dynamic and effective team site with SharePoint to facilitate teamwork. Share documents, data, information, and resources. Create a unique design for the company website to ease collaboration.

2) Inform and engage your organization


Through the intranet, create unity and educate company staff. By sharing common resources and applications on home sites and portals, users may increase organizational efficiency. Using attractive communication sites, share your story. Moreover, stay informed with targeted, personalized news on the web and through the SharePoint mobile apps.

3) Implement Collective Knowledge:


With the use of effective search and creative ways to find knowledge, experience, and insights to support decisions and direct action, users can get what you are looking for in only a few clicks.

4) Transform Business Processes:


Increase productivity by improving processes, from simple ones like notifications and approvals to create complex operational workflows. Create rich digital experiences with forms, processes, and custom apps for every device using SharePoint lists and libraries, Power Automate, and Power Apps. 


A cross-collaboration experience based on an intranet is at the base of SharePoint’s features, which also include features for safe sharing, content management, and workflow collaboration. For employability in all industries and sizes of enterprises, SharePoint increases productivity and visibility. Microsoft claims that there are over 190 million active users of Microsoft SharePoint across a massive 200,000 customer organizations. It provides a web-based area where users can upload a document to be quickly shared with others who need to see it. Users can also utilize a service called OneDrive for their own private storage, where nothing they post is visible to others until they “share” it by giving other users access.

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