React vs Angular.js vs Vue.js
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 React vs Angular vs Vue.js: What Possibilities Will Be the Best in 2022?


Every technical team is aware of the three frameworks React, Vue.js, and Angular for creating web applications. React is a user interface library, Angular is a full front-end framework, and Vue.js is a progressive framework. Although they are not the same, they can be used to create front-end applications interchangeably. Since they are not the same is important to compare them and fully understand their differences. Since each frame is based on components, creating UI (User Interface) features can be done quickly. 

What is React.js? 

React.js, also known as React, is a JavaScript library that is open-source and free. The best way to create user interfaces is by combining a few parts of the code into complete websites. It was originally created by Facebook and is now maintained by the open-source community. 

Benefits of React.js

  • highest level of flexibility and optimum responsiveness. 
  • Virtual DOM (document object model) enables the organization of documents in HTML, XHTML, or XML forms into a tree from which web browsers may parse various web app elements more easily. 
  • A JavaScript framework that is completely open-source and receives regular updates and improvements due to the efforts of developers around the world. 
  • This type of data flow prohibits child elements from having an impact on parent data because of downward data binding. 
  • Facebook offers “codemode” to ease the process, making it quite simple to switch between versions. 

What is Angular? 

Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript Framework supported by Google. It is suitable for enterprise applications and cross-platform mobile development. It is a highly well-liked JavaScript framework among programmers. TypeScript is the programming language used in Angular. It allows for the creation of JavaScript apps for both client-side MVC and MVVM architectures. 

Benefits of Angular

  • Two-way data binding allows the app to behave uniquely, reducing the possibility of errors. 
  • Developers can work independently on different app sections while using the same set of data due to MVVM (Model-View-View-Model). 
  • Dependency injection of features remotely related to modules and modularity in general in relation to various elements. 
  • Angular is a cross-platform and works with a variety of browsers. Most browsers and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, can run Angular applications. 
  • A developer can obtain all the information they need from the clear documentation without having to consult their colleagues. But doing so necessitates more study time. 

What is Vue.js? 

An open-source, progressive JavaScript framework called Vue.js is used to create single-page online apps and interactive web user interfaces. Vue.js is simply concerned with the front-end development, or view, part of the program. 

Benefits of Vue.js

  • Adaptability. Due to the design and architectural similarities between Vue.js and Angular and React, it allows for a quick transition from other frameworks. 
  • In Vue.js, a variety of models are provided for applying a transition to HTML components as they are added to or removed from the DOM. 
  • Due to the general detailed documentation, there is an easy learning curve provided. 
  • Vue.js can help in creating large reusable templates without the need for additional work. 
  • They help in the creation of great HTML reused elements. 
  • Vue.js can be as light as 20KB while maintaining its speed and flexibility, allowing better performance when compared to other frameworks. 

React vs Angular vs Vue.js in 2022?  

Let’s have a look at the demand represented in Google Trends for the last 5 years. React, Angular and Vue.js are each represented by a blue, red, and yellow line. 

React vs Angular.js vs Vue.js

Interpretations –  

  • The data shows that from 2017 to 2020, there was a fluctuation in the volume of React and Angular enquiries. Then, we observe that the difference between them dropped for a short time before increasing in 2022.  
  • The Vue.js framework is still slowly expanding its position in the market for frameworks, offering opportunities for further development. 


Since JavaScript frameworks are developing so rapidly, today’s versions of Angular, React.js, Vue.js on the market are constantly updated. They maintain the current versions while regularly releasing new ones. You can use any of these frameworks with confidence because they all have an important level of stability at present.