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Ocean Medallion: An IoT-based Device on Cruise


Carnival Corporation successfully deployed IoT and AI to provide its customers with an immersive experience of smart cities on cruises. Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest travel leisure company, introduced the Ocean Medallion in 2017. This quarter-sized waterproof wearable device offers a one-month battery backup. This device kind of resembles the wearables offered at amusement parks but exceeds them in terms of its capabilities. Designed by Nytec, you can wear the Ocean Medallion on any part of your body be it the wrist, neck, or even waist.  

The development of the Ocean Medallion started when it was noticed that a modern-day cruise ship is loaded with more than 19 decks and is offering multiple attractions to its passengers. It becomes overwhelming for passengers to choose and experience anything and everything. 

Ocean Medallion is powered by 7,000 intelligent sensors and cameras with two microscopic antennas (Near Field Communication and Bluetooth low energy) spread throughout the ship that combines the pleasure of being on vacation with the Internet of Things. It fastens the process of embarkation and disembarkation, eases things out for passengers as they approach their staterooms, facilitates contactless payments, etc. It recommends activities to passengers that are personalized according to their interests and preferences so that they do not have to wander around figuring out what they should do and what not.
Besides, there is also a personalized guide on Ocean Medallion named Ocean Compass. It makes displays available throughout the ship interactive and offers immersive entertainment experiences. The icing on the cake is that it also gives passengers access to scenic images that are captured during the voyage. 


Some unmentioned features of Ocean Medallion

The focus behind creating this IoT-based device was to allow passengers to make the most out of their vacations by offering holistic experiences in a personalized and simplified way. 

Passengers can easily get lost on a cruise ship, which is huge. But Medallion has an intelligent navigation assistant installed that helps the passengers point-by-point in wayfinding.  

While on vacation, everyone expects in-room food delivery. The Ocean Medallion left no stone unturned here. Passengers can easily explore the menu and order their favorite food and beverage from the comfort of their room. Along with this, they can also track the whereabouts of their order from any part of the cruise. They can also set the time and place of delivery.  

It supports secured payment gateways. Passengers can associate any number of credit cards, reward cards, gift cards, or any other payment services with Medallion Pay. 

Ocean Medallion allows passengers to prepare their cruise itinerary beforehand from their homes. 

If all this was not enough, it gives passengers autonomy to determine which of the features of Ocean Medallion they wish to use while allowing them to choose whether they want to wear it or not. 


After the results of developing Ocean Medallion

Ocean Medallion is very easily accessible via passengers’ smart devices. It eases the embarkation process and acts as a virtual guide throughout the journey, allowing passengers to locate and find their acquaintances onboard. The cruise line offers guests anything available on the cruise throughout their voyage and delivers it instantly. All this enables personalized interaction with any crew member because they already know about passengers’ preferences. This intelligent setup drives everything and enables the entire work ecosystem to work harmoniously when other organizations struggle to reconcile and sync information. As a result, not only are the crew members happy but they work more efficiently to make the guests happy.
By offering a personalized tech experience, Carnival will have recurring customers and referral traffic.  


To Sum Up

Carnival Corporation aims to achieve a competitive edge over other cruise companies such as MSC Cruise and Royal Caribbean with Ocean Medallion. Deploying IoT, artificial intelligence, and connected devices unveil the experience of having a digital vacation.
Who would have imagined this kind of technology in the field of technology? But as the saying goes, it is not an easy task to bring out innovation. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Similarly, it was not an easy task to create Ocean Medallion, said Carnival Corporation’s, John Padgett.
But a technology partner can help you blend innovation and experience that never loses sight of the guest.  


Key Takeaways

 Businesses can increase productivity, optimize manufacturing, and simplify the supply chain with the aid of the Internet of Things.
Customers in today’s era want an experience that is possible only with a perfect blend of branding and technology. By making them work together, a business can guarantee long-term revenues and observe a drastic change in the market’s perception.
So, if you are looking forward to reinventing your brand’s value and spicing it up, you can count on us.