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How to Create a Website with Custom Domain Name?


If you run a business or have a website, there are plenty of reasons to choose a custom domain. A custom domain is the internet equivalent of your business card and logo, so it must reflect who you are as an organization. But what exactly is involved in setting up a custom domain and how can it help with your brand? This guide will cover all things related to custom domains including costs and why they’re worth investing in. 

Why choose a custom domain name? 

You might be wondering why you should choose a custom domain name. The answer is simple: it’s easier to remember and more memorable than your company or product name. And that’s just the start of it! 

Custom domains can be used as a branding tool, helping you stand out from the crowd. They may also help build your brand and make it easier for people to find what you do online (and who doesn’t want their business or product listed on the first page of Google?). 

How to choose a custom domain name? 

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when choosing a custom domain name. First, it should be short and unique. This means that people will remember it easily, which is important because most people use their first initial as their username on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. If someone can easily type in “Facebook” or “Instagram” without having to think too hard about what they’re doing, there’s less chance of them getting confused by other options like “Facebookdotcom.” 

Second: choose something easy for others to pronounce! You don’t want them struggling over how many syllables each letter should have; otherwise, they might just end up using the wrong one out of habit instead of realizing their mistake until after they’ve sent out all those emails with misspelled words mixed among their content.” 

How much does a custom domain cost? 

Domain registration fees vary depending on the domain name you choose. You’ll typically pay somewhere between Rs.830/- and Rs.1200/- per year for a basic domain name, with renewals ranging the same per year. 

If your business has more than one website, you may want to consider hosting them in separate namespaces so that they don’t compete for traffic or rankings. This can be done through our scalable hosting solution at no additional cost! 

Domain privacy protection costs between Rs.80 – Rs.160 per year (Rs.980 total). 

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What can I use my custom domain with? 

You can use your custom domain with any of the following services: 

  • Websites: If you have a website, then this is the most obvious use for your custom domain. You can add or change the text on your site and make changes to its layout without having to worry about redirecting it elsewhere.
  • Email addresses: Many email providers allow you to purchase an additional email address with an format so that people who sign up for the service will get their emails sent from there instead of whatever old one they’re currently using (this also prevents them from getting spammed by third parties). This applies even if you don’t own any other domains besides yours! 
  • SEO services like SEMrush, Mozbar, Ahrefs Content Explorer, etc.; these tools rely heavily on URLs being correct so having a unique URL improves visibility significantly over simply changing keywords around in an article title only – especially since search engines penalize duplicate content across pages too much nowadays! 

How do I set up my custom domain name? 

Once you have chosen a domain name, it’s time to register it. To do this, you’ll need to contact a registrar and set up an account. There are many different types of registrars out there—some will offer free domains while others charge money for their services; some accept international clients while others only accept domestic ones. In addition, some registrars require that all domains be registered directly through them (e.g., GoDaddy), whereas other companies allow customers to choose any domain registrar they prefer (e.g., infraveotechnologies). 

Once your new custom domain name has been purchased from a reputable company like ours, it can then be added to our system so that visitors will know where they’re going when they visit your site!  

I have a website but no domain. Can I still get one? 

You may have a website, but no domain name. It’s possible to buy a custom domain for any kind of website—even if it’s not live yet or on the internet. You can also buy them for sites that don’t exist yet, like your business plans or product ideas. 

You might be thinking: “But I’m not going to start my business until next week.” Or perhaps “I want to launch my product in June instead of March.” In either case, you’re allowed by law (and we’ll get into how) to get an early start on buying a custom domain! 


If you’re looking for a new way to brand yourself, a custom domain name is an excellent choice. It allows you to create an identity that is unique and memorable – much like your company or product. But unlike using a subdomain on another website, there are no limitations on how many domains you can hold in total. Using this option allows users to access your site from anywhere in the world! 

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