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Google Search Console: Get insights into your site’s traffic


Google Search Console is widely considered one of the most useful tools for website marketers. While many other tools can help you track how your site is performing in terms of visibility from Google Search, Google Search Console makes it easy to see where things stand, what has changed, and what needs to be done to improve the performance of your site. You do not need to register for Search Console because all you need to do is type in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your website. Google Webmaster Tools was the name of the service up to May 20, 2015.In January 2018, Update brings an overhauled search panel with alterations to the user interface. September 2019 saw the deletion of the home page, dashboard pages, and earlier Search Console reports.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free web-based service that helps you to keep track of, maintain, and troubleshoot your online performance in Google search results. It is available to all users, including site developers and company owners.

Search Console provides useful tools and reports, For the activities listed below:

Identify how Google Search analyzes your sites:

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Analyze information about Google Search traffic for your site, including how frequently it results in Google Search, which search terms bring up your site, how frequently users click through for those inquiries, and more.

Get your content listed on Google: 

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Submissions for crawling ought to include sitemaps and particular URLs. To ensure that Google has the most recent view of your site, check the index coverage.

Get notified of problems and fix your site:

Get notifications when Google finds difficulties with your site’s indexing, spam, or other aspects. 

Use Search Analytics to improve your content:

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Fix indexing problems and ask that recently new and unique content be reindexed.

Use Google Search Console because… 

Many people will tell you that tracking metrics is crucial for company success, but few people understand what metrics are or to look for them. It is a free tool that you may use to evaluate your website’s performance. All website proprietors ought to utilize the search engine console. It is a great method to find out what data Google has on your website, see how it does in Google Search, and use that data to enhance your SEO. Your website may be challenging to administer and maintain since it has so many pages. However, with the assistance of the top SEO services and Search Console, you will have a clearer understanding and perception of the performance of your content, helping you to boost your online presence. It may also be used as a tool to help people locate what they’re looking for by using exact keywords.


On an online world, Google Search Console users may track and evaluate visibility on search engines. It is a service that extends Google’s search engine and aids companies in increasing outcomes and traffic to their websites. The roles include UX and SEO approaches, improving both tactics and assisting with online marketing and improved website development.

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