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Iot Ocean Medallion
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Ocean Medallion: An IoT-based Device on Cruise

Introduction Carnival Corporation successfully deployed IoT and AI to provide its customers with an immersive experience of smart cities on cruises. Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest travel leisure comp...

Samsung balance mouse blog
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Samsung’s New Balance Mouse Is A Bigger Catalyst For Change Than You Think

Introduction  Work-life balance is important, but it’s not just about the hours you spend at your desk. It’s also about how you approach life and what kind of person you are. The Balance Mouse is a novelt...

bitcoin (a cryptocurrency) being exchanged for a dollar
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Cryptocurrency – The Big Finance

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, and Blockchains – the words have been buzzing around for quite a long time now but are they even worth investing in? Read along to find an answer to this question.   What is...

5G everywhere
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5G Everywhere

With the development in all sectors, how can we expect mobile networks to lag? After 4G, now it’s time to experience the next generation of global wireless standards i.e., 5G. 5G aims to connect everythin...

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Is PHP a Dead Language?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor We know PHP is a server scripting language. It has been years since we have been using it to create dynamic content that interacts with the database. At present, the latest stable ve...